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Crossing Brooklyn Bridge

The Incandescent Detail

Published in Minnesota Women's Press

On a scorching hot July day in Brooklyn, my sister Mary Ann was in the hospital again suffering complications from Stage 4 cancer. To reach her that morning, I waited on a subway platform, dodged bugs the size of fists, and rushed under a blazing sun to the hospital. When I saw her face, I felt the weight fall from my shoulders. She had made it. She had lived through another night.

Thinking Man on Couch


Published in Alley Culture

Lately, people talk in a way that reveals a collective dis-ease: depression, anxiety, rage, a sense of knowing dread at a looming, indecipherable dawn. It's as though people take the Ray Bradbury title to heart: Something Wicked This Way Comes. A terrorist attack, or a lurking unknown, weighs on people and their lives.

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